Well I wrote yet another emotional piano/orchestral piece. I used EWQL for all of the orchestral and piano samples. Then i found a sample of a thunderstorm that would help add to the mood of the piece. Please tell me your thoughts and any suggestions!

You can listen to it on my profile

EDIT: Just added a new ending! Please tell me what you think i left the older one up there so you can compare if you would like
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I love it.
When it started, I thought it was a nightmare to remember - Dream Theater.. hahaa
It sounds like it'd be a great intro to something; it's very well done. Do you have any plans on expanding on it?

I can easily imagine this being in that ending scene in Inception where he goes to meet his kids.

It's really nice man....moving.
The rain fits the mood really well.

Was all this midi?
What VST's / VSTi's do you use?
The ending was a bit abrupt...you could maybe come up with a neater way of ending it?
absolutely love it man!!!!! total film score material that piano sounds superb i'd love to know how you recorded it is it with vst's or audio? awesome orchestral samples too i'll have to check out this EQWL

only thing is that I have to agree with unet with the abrupt ending, its not a massive letdown but i think it would really add to the piece with a nice chord held on for a bar maybe- just a thought

just realised you're 2 days younger than me too! haha good work!
Thanks for all the replies!

rhys digby: Thanks!

herby190: No i didn't have anything in mind.. But perhaps later on it could be part of something. Thanks!

unet: Thanks! Yes this was all midi. I used EWQL Symphonic Orchestra gold for all the orchestral samples and then for the piano i actually used Pianoteq. Pianoteq is pretty cool because it uses physical modelling instead of actual samples. So instead of having a 2 GB piano i can use piano teq and it's only like 20 MB. Saves me a lot of CPU haha. And yeah I just added a new ending and i would love for you to check it out if you can!

matt-gilchrist: Thanks! Read what i told to unet about my piano vsti. Glad you liked it! I added a new ending too so that would be awesome if you could go check it out as well
Check out my music on my profile
I'll crit as I listen, as you did for me
I love the intro idea with the piano and rain sound fx, very subtle but really offers a sense of atmosphere. The strings are great too, again nice and subtle, but add an awful lot.
That cymbal sounds insane, so full and works so nicely. The texture is super nice here, not like super thick and ott busy, but it's really nice all the same. The ending is lovely too, but I do get a feeling of...it felt like it built up incredibly and ended. There's a really cool aspect to it at the same time, something so nice, but also very short so it's not so much a complaint as an observation.

On the whole, that was awesome! Really professional sounding! Very impressed