Poll: What do you miss the most when away from home?
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View poll results: What do you miss the most when away from home?
The people
14 27%
The place
5 10%
Bit of both
18 35%
Don't get homesick/never been away from home
10 20%
Oogly boogly boo!
4 8%
Voters: 51.
I find I miss people a hell of a lot more than a place itself. I realised it doesn't actually matter where I am as long as my friends from home are around. On a stranger note, I don't miss my family nearly as much as my friends. I can't think of why.

What's the furthest you've been from home? If/When you get homesick, what do you miss more: The place itself or the people, or maybe an equal mix of the two, or not at all?

Discuss, Pit.
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Moved out 6 years ago, never been homesick. I don't really miss things anyway, but it is nice to meet some old friends when I'm back in my hometown.
I never get homesick. When I was 13 I went to Europe without my family, it was part of a student ambassador program. Can't say I missed home one bit, but there were other kids falling apart after the first day. Still don't get homesick to this day, I'm a rolling stone, life's a garden dig it
i dislike my family so no ive never been home sick, if anything ive always been sick of home.
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I'm not usually away from home, so when I do go places far from home, I miss the familiarity of everything. My bed, my couch, etc. Although that's the upside to traveling: being in a new/different place. And I do miss friends/family, but because of technology, I can still keep in touch with them, so it's not as bad.
I could be in the shittiest place on earth, but as long as i'm there with cool people, I couldn't have a care in the world. Honestly, it's the truth. Often I find sharing a shitty experience with cool people is better than having a beautiful experience for yourself.
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Ooogly boogly boo, my good sir. That is indeed it.

I don't think I've ever been homesick though. Least not that I can remember. I've moved a few times, and always hated the prospect of leaving a place/people behind, but after a fortnight of adjusting to new shit, I'm fine.
I'm gonna leave for a good while this fall, don't know about potential homesickness though.
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Quote by Oroborous
I'm a rolling stone, life's a garden dig it

Right on man....

I've been across the pond -I can't say I've been sincerely homesick. There just comes a point where I realize it's about time I get goin' home. This is of course when I'm just visiting places, I don't know what it'd be like actually moving there (I'd probably be a bit homesick for a week, and then just have my wistful moments sporadically).
I remember the furthest I was away from home was when I was in japan. My home was in canada, quite the journey, yet I missed nothing.

This stems from being a child of parents in the military and our home was where we settled
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