My beautiful new Fender strat. Never been a Fender guy myself at all but I acquired too many Ibanez guitars and listened to too much John Mayer/SRV/Jimi Hendrix and decided I needed to find out what all the rave was about. I sold my 93 s540 and got this with the cash. Just so happens it looks EXACTLY like John Mayer's signature strat which I am quite fond of and has the same specs minus the pickups (which are SRV's). It also sounds pretty damn sweet so I doubt anyone will be able to tell the difference, at least on stage where I'll be using it most likely.

Upgraded Fender Mexican 60s Reissue
3-tone burst
Alder body
Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
Texas Special Pickups
American bridge, tuners, pots, switch
Barely a scratch on it.

Will post a sound clip once recorded.
HNGD, she's lovely! Dig the white pickups over the darker tones of the rest of the guitar. I'm getting my first strat tomorrow as well
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Congratulations dude! That's a sweet strat.
Gear pics

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Freaking smexy strat! HNGD! Strats are amazing
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That's one of the tastiest sunbursts that I have seen in a while.
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