Alright dudes, so I'm going to be living in a dorm/apartment for the next 3 years... and I'm not very good with computer/software/guitar integration.

Can anyone explain to me my best options for a quiet rig I can just plug into headphones or speakers? Maybe hook it up to my computer so I could record? How to set it up?

Right now I've got 3 guitars, and a Traynor ycq80w combo thats way too big and way too loud to bring in a dorm room. So I just wanted something I could practice with.
Probably something like a POD would suffice.
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Well, yea I know... but they have a few different ones, and how do I set it up in terms of Guitar -> POD -> Computer -> headphones.

As well which ones are the best for the cost etc.
well its easy to to POD > Headphones..

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Obviously, so could I just plug it right into the computer through USB?


Also, they have a new desktop HD model out this month. check it out
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The POD studio GX would be a safe bet, it has 1 guitar input to USB, and then POD farm in which you can model various amps and tones. It also has a headphone output so u can play/ record silently. a good set of headphones would be ideal.

something like this.

This looks good. Now whats the difference between getting that device and POD Farm, and getting the regular POD in a pedalboard or the PODHD desktop?