From what I gather, tubes require less headroom to play actives through, than SS amps. If I got a 5w or 10w tube amp, would it still sound good when playing with actives? Thanks.
yes it should be fine
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It should be fine.
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what amp exactly? it depends how soon it breaks up, if there is a pre-gain knob, what volume you set the guitar too...etc.
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Well, I wanted to go with the 6505, but... I may be moving into an apartment so now I'm not so sure about that. I read on another thread that the Blackstar HT-5 is good for this situation, and it's a low watt. Of course, someone else also pointed out it isn't all-tube and all-tube would be preferable, to me,, but hey; Beggers can't be choosers

EDIT: I am a bit of a noob when it comes to amp technology and hardware, but I do know some of the basics.
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