i own a sunburst 2008 american deluxe strat with a maple fretboard im not sure if its alder or ash. also the guitar came with SCN pickups and i was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion of them. if you think possibly a pair of lindy fralins would be worth it to upgrade thanks everybody
Thats a nice strat you got there. Well if you don't care about hum then I will defitinely with some Suhr or Grosh siungle coil pickups. Never tried Fralins but from what I heard they're a hit or miss. SCN and all hum-cancelling pickups are shit compared to true single coils.

Hum usually matter only when your at home. At a gig the hum is rarely there as long as you got good pickups.
i have a deluxe strat with hot wound scn's. don't know if that's the same as your pups but i wouldn't be inclined to change mine, they are as good as any other pups i've heard or tried.
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