Me doing Improv, one of my first recordings. I hope to do a lot more in the future, and get a lot better. I have been playing for a little over a year, and recently I have kinda gone into overdrive with learning things. Tell me what you think! I was a bit nervous, so I messed up a lot.

Life is what you make, bring a guitar and make it better.

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Ok so i can tell that you are fairly new to the ole geetar. Not a bad thing though so bear with me here! Soloing and improv are very difficult things to become good at, nevermind master. As with most people when first starting out they tend to keep themselves within a very small box of creativity. This is mainly due to inexperience and just not having the ability to make their fingers and minds work together to accomplish anything else. Its basic sound production from a basic producer of sound. This is normal. Hence the beginner status. This is what i am hearing in your case. Im hearing a guitar player who is still fairly new. During your solo im picturing an old man walking up the stairs then walking down the stairs. Then up again, and down again. Up and then down again with no change in rhythm, no harmony. Just one foot after the other, up and down the same old set of steps.

Anyways, the more you push yourself outside of your creative box the better you will be. Try to expand the area of the neck that you are soloing in. Use some vibrato to hold certain notes. Try to harmonize and get more strings involved rather than just plucking one.

Ultimately you want to turn that old guy on the stairs to about 2-3 younger guys on a set of crazy friggin future outer space stairs

So... Overall its definitely someting you can improve on. Keep practicing man and remember to push yourself creatively. Let your mind do the talking and your fingers do the walking.
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Thanks. I am trying to teach myself as much as possible. I am trying to learn all the scales, modes, etc. and then learn how to use them! I spent most of the last year (nearly all the time I have been playing guitar) just messing around, so I have a lot of work to do! I like your analogy and I will take it to heart! I'm glad I am young and have plenty of time to work.
Life is what you make, bring a guitar and make it better.

Burgeoning guitar technician!
hmm.... i dont know how to word this or how you will take it but i could tell you were trying to play better than your hands could keep up with..in other words, you know what you are doing, you just need to play longer. id suggest playing more bending licks, i enjoy listening to bends