So, there's a Squier SE Strat in my local music shop and I'm thinking of buying it for mods'n'shit.
It's made of agathis and is either routed H/S/S or H/S/H, and I was wondering if this pickup combination would work...

This in the bridge: http://www.at-the-creamery.co.uk/wide-o-single-coil-voiced-wide-range-humbucker-bridge/detail/12-wide-o-single-coil-humbuckers/ilvm_fly_showroom_mall/43-qwide-oq-single-coil-voiced-humbucker-bridge.html?sef=hcfp

And either a Lace Sensor Blue in the neck and a Lace Sensor Silver in the middle or two Lace Sensor Blues. So, would either combination work together? If not, i think I'll just a get a Sensor Red Humbucker for the bridge.
Thanks anyways.
RIP Adam
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