Hi all , I want you to check out my band Purple In green I started it when I was 13 and well , now I'm 14 :P

We take influences from Bands such as Hammock , Periphery , Meshuggah,The Devil Wears Prada, Blessthefall,Uneven Structure , Tool , Lamb of God , Phobia , Animals As Leaders , Chimp Spanner , Haunted Shores , Scribe , Explosions in The Sky , Tesseract , Skyharbor , Keith Merrow , Veil Of Maya , A Perfect Circle , Born Of Osiris . Do check us out

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Distinguished by bursts of unabated riffs along a crafty gordian lead guitar play that adds on to the vehement drum patterns fastened, buffeted basslines, and all suppled over by gruelling heavy-duty vocals which there of subserves a pedagogy of a melodic yet hardcore convulsion. Strong song writing process and hard hitting lyrical content that accentuates the ingenuity and earnestness to produce quality originals makes the music worth headbanging to. PurpleingreeN, Groove Metal/Ambient/Metalcore project from New Delhi, India comprises of extremely talented young musicians barely out of their teens. But the sheer magnanimity and maturity of their prowess reduces it to mere numbers, making them arguably the youngest metal troop in the Indian Metal Scene.

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If you want to hear a preview of the new version of our Song " Perry" , you can go to :

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