So, basically, I'm 16 and looking for a half-stack as my band (hard rock) is going to be playing gigs soon. I'm stuck between two heads and don't have much money to spend. It's either

Marshall MG100HFX


Bugera 1990.

Which one?

Umm... What makes this so urgent?

And out of thsose two I'd go with the bugera
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the Bugera 1990 is tons better than that pos marshall.
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Okay. Thanks to both of you. £250 for the Bugera. Is that a steal? :P

not a steal, but still quite good. dont they usually go for like £300 new?

anyway, what cab you got for it?
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Well, considering it's about £350-ish everytime I've looked, but yeah, I was going to get the matching Bugera cab.
Someone's bound to say it eventually so I may aswell, you don't need a half stack for gigging a combo will do just fine and save you some money, unless you've already bought a cab in which case out of those 2 the Bugera wins every time. But it's worth adding that rushing your decision to buy an amp is a BAD idea. I did that a few years back and ironically bought the marshall you're looking at, worst decision ever. Take your time to look at as many amps as you can and test as many as possible, it's no good buying an amp now that you're might want to replace in a few months/a years time just because you couldn't wait.

Just remember, you don't NEED 100watts, you don't NEED 4 speakers.
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Being UG, everyone's just going to say to get the Bugera, but really you should...

...get the Bugera. Marshall's MG series is pure and complete garbage not worthy of carrying the Marshall name. It's just a re-branded oversized practice amp that 12 year old slash fanboys think is so awesome because it's a "Marshall Stack", but in reality is just a piece of shit that uses the Marshall name to sell. The Bugera 1990 would get closer to real Marshall tones than the MG would.

Though if your lucky, look on Ebay and you might find yourself a used JCM head and 1960 cab for a similar price.
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