I have a spider iv and realized its terrible. I normally use a Fender MIM Strat or Ibanez ART300 and run it through a Boss DS-1. Is it worth upgrading to a Fender Mustang 20w. I might get the 40w, but I just care about the sound because the spider is awful.

That is my first amp. The guy at GC recommended it

Any other recommendations for amps under $100(but willing to go up to 200)
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learn how to EQ the amp.
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learn how to EQ the amp.

Still sounds bad
A mustang would be a bit better but it won't be a huge improvement. Have you considered selling the Spider?

There's always Jet City, which sound pretty decent, although they don't have as many features and they cost a bit more.
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So funny how GC always rides Line 6's dick. If anything I'd be trying to sell the high end Peavey's, Marshalls, and Mesas.

Why do that when you can sell them a Spider, then a high end amp when they're sick of the crappy one?

But really, it's probably quotas that they have to reach.
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But really, it's probably quotas that they have to reach.

Which tells me they probably don't know much about what they're trying to sell, haha.
I'd stick to Mom-and-Pop shops.
They probably do. But like i say, a deal has probably been struck between the store and the company...
UIts because the line 6 commission is higher to the sales guy. Period. OK and the free shirts....

I like the mustang fwiw.
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go buy a vypyr and stop "boosting" your SS amp with the DS1.

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A mustang would be a bit better but it won't be a huge improvement. Have you considered selling the Spider?

I was planning on selling the spider. Wont get much but its better than keeping it and not using it.
Have you noticed that many GC employees, along with their GC uniform, wear Line 6 polos too ?(not any other brand though) I was wondering why last time I went......
Any recommendations for an amp under $200s?

No good used ones at local GC.
In the way of a modeling amp, go for the mustang. it has free software that you can connect ur computer directly to the amp. the software is pretty good and the amp has a nice tone. if you want a real amp.... then save up a little bit longer and get a vht special 6 ultra. its simply a no frills tube amp. not even a reverb on it. but its an inexpensive tube amp with really great tone. i paid $340 for mine and i believe GC just started to carry them. a modeling amp won't do you any good if you decide ur gonna start gigging and/or playing over a band.

i would NOT reccomend the vypyr however. i had the 75w. it was cool just cuz of all the effects and i bought the pedal with it. the looper was nice, built in wah, 12 channels......etc. but when it came down to it, its a digital amp, with all digital sound, and just sounded awful wen it got turned up a little it. i wasnt happy with it at all and returned it 6 months after purchasing it. it shit the bed on me a few times and had to be reset quite often
The Mustang is much better than the spider. The Vypyr is great for gain and hte valvetronics is all around good but not as good with gain as the vypyr IMO. Get the 30w versions if you wanna jam with a band.