im new to this forum and didnt know where to post this, so here i go-.......i just started playing guitar two weeks ago and i can play a few simple things and intros to a few songs. any experienced players tell me how i can get better because i would love to play some of my favorite songs by avenged sevenfold.
honestly find a song you want to learn and start workin on it. if you can get a local guitar tech or a teacher to show you how to play certain things. if you have a good local tech he/she might play a little something to check the setup on a guitar and if its your guitar you could ask them to show you how they played a certain lick. Unless theyre just total assholes theyll probly slow it down and show you what they did
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that song looks like something good to get me started, but are there any other things i can play? so far i can play the intros okay to the songs californication and by the way by the red hot chili peppers, and other bits and peices here and there, will there be any things i have to learn like sweep picking, tapping, ect.. to become a better player?
You need to learn rhythm and build finger strength before attempting sweeping and tapping.

Seriously, Green Day songs. I can't think of anything easier. Waiting, Give Me Novocaine, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Good Riddance, Jesus of Suburbia, American Idiot... Basically any of their songs playable in E Standard.

You may want to try learning the minor and major pentatonic scales. Then maybe the blues, major and minor scales.

Misfits songs are also pretty easy.

That song might not be the best since changing tunings isn't something beginners should be doing a lot.
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Sweep picking and tapping are difficult if your new. I can't sweep pick and Iv been playing for 2 1/2 years. You should focus more on the basics, like chords, basic notes ex.
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Learn Green Day songs.

Not kidding.

I agree, many green day songs are easy even for a beginner. Just power chords.
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if your feeling adventurous: 21 Guns

21 Guns will help you with chord changes. I think learning chords and simple songs should get you on track.

Personally, Green Day isn't the best band, but their songs are very easy.