God, my stupid older brother is impossible to jam with. I play kind of latin/jazzy drums and I like playing on offbeats. He wants to to play this mindlessly simple rock/blues stuff, and its almost entirely fills! Thats not what music is about... He also want me to play stuff that requires double bass drum, which I think are overrated.

Help me fix my annoying older brother.
you're a stone fox
Quote by UG Rules
No 'mirror' threads
- This means no parody threads of other threads, no copying of other threads and changing them to mock the original thread, etc.
Punishment: The thread will be closed and you may receive a warning.

Do you know why this rule exists? Because these threads aren't fucking funny, that's why. They might have been, once, long ago when they were original, but not after people have raped the punchline over and over and over.

Come up with some new fucking jokes, UG. I am disappoint.