For a Silver Creek D170, What strings & gauges do you recommend? Which are brighter & which are warmer?
I recommend elixirs (im sure people will hate on them)

phosphor bronze for brighter
other nanoweb covered normals
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For acoustics, I always use Elixirs. I'll use 80/20 Nanoweb to get a brighter sound out of my guitar, and Phosphor Bronze Polywebs to get a warmer sound. It all depends on the coating...Nanowebs tend to be brighter, Polywebs warmer.
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Cleartones all the way. So much more of a brighter sound.
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Im not a fan of Elixirs, too bright and metallic for me.

For a brighter sound, I would go with Martin SP 80/20 Bronze. It's a little more on the balanced side, but still bright.

As for gauge, 12's and 13's are all I use. I wouldn't suggest going much lighter than 11's because light strings will play out of tune a bit more easily.
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My favorite strings at the moment are John Pearse Phosphor Bronze 12's. They have a nice ringing sound without being too bright.
I guess I am looking for bright & warmth with deep resounding lows and cut through highs. Which strings can accomplish this the best?
As you can tell from the above, you have 6 replies... All different. With different guys claiming different sounds from the same strings...

That's all pretty typical. String choice is highly individualistic... Fortunately they are cheap enough to experiment with.
For about 25 years, I've bought nothing but D'Addario phosphor bronze for my acoustics. They sound good to me. They don't have that "crashy" brand-new sound when installed that brass strings frequently do.
However, some folks love that sound...
My new Taylor came with Elixirs. They are certainly OK but I haven't got anything to compare them to at present. The coating rapidly wore off the unwound strings.

The differences between strings are very small. You have "brass", "bronze" "phosphor bronze" "copper".... All of these metals are within a few percentage points of each other as far as the alloys used. (brass and bronze are so similar to each other that even metallurgists have trouble classifying them) "copper" has just enough more of that metal to make the color a little different...
The standard old-timers wisdom is that "brass" strings are a bit brighter, bronze a little darker.
The Elixirs just have a coating that prevents build-up of crud between the windings; otherwise they're pretty much the same as anyone else's.
I haven't experimented with strings in a long time, couple years ago I bought a ton of bottom-of-the-barrel chinese made Harley Benton strings because they were dirt cheap (0.98€ a pack).

Today I restrung my Martin D-28 with a set of Martin SP Phosphor Bronze 92/8 lights (.12-.54) and whoa.. I was blown away by the tone. Too bad I gotta get to work in 90 minutes because I just wanna keep on playing all day long
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i use d'addario phosphor bronze on most of my guitars, martin silk and steels on the ones that are too bright for my taste and DR rare phosphor bronze for those that are too boomy or need a little extra zazz.
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I too like the Martin SP's on most of my guitars, they just seem to bring out the natural tone of the guitar. But, every guitar and ear is different. I have a bright sounding laminate guitar that Cleartone Red strings warm up nice.
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I too like the Martin SP's on most of my guitars, they just seem to bring out the natural tone of the guitar. But, every guitar and ear is different. I have a bright sounding laminate guitar that Cleartone Red strings warm up nice.

sounds u got nice stuff.