I bought mustang II like 3 days ago, amp's great though i can't get on really nicely with presets. I use Fender Strat MIM HSS . And am about to buy digitech rp355 for multi fx. Till then ill have to rely on presets....

Now i wonder if somebody used that fender fuse software to edit the preset to change the tone... I can't seem to find the 'clean' and 'overdrive' nor the 'dist' option. Except that i can put 'fx's ' on virtual cabinet and edit it...

I'm searching for Iron Maiden tone, i looked at the settings, but somehow the amp doesn't have that 'punch' it sounds...well dry... im still newbie with sound equipment... And i don't understand much of the effects nor how do the knobs work... Help please , i want to edit the preset to get the similar sound of iron maiden( preferably Janick, but nobody seems to care about him ,so adrian/dave ... )

Thanks a lot
Why o why would you waste money on a multi effect when the mustang has a ****ton of them built in?

i'll give it a whirl and post my results, but it's gonna be a couple days, kinda busy here...

the multi effect seems like a total waste on top of the mustang.

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^dont waste ur money. the mustang has FREE software to do 10 times what that pedal will do.
all you have to do is spend maybe $5 for a cable to connect ur computer to ur amp. problem solved

Problem will be when im in studio , to have effects, that's why am i buying it... :P
And i got the usb cable , i can edit the preset but i don't know what settings, it got loads and millions of combinations and im not expirienced with the sound that's why am i asking for help... i got like 10 'simulations' of amps from 80's ,90's etc and it's really a problem...

And i need digitech because i need those fx's when i go to studio, i took this amp because it had great sound, never actually wanted the processor in it :S
i have the RP355 and it gets the job done for me...most of the effects are pretty bad (as in suck) but there are quite a few that i love...like 36 (Fuzkng), 29 (Rhpsdy), 10 (rbilly)...those are my favorites

I have never had the pleasure of messing with a Mustang 2 (or any other mustang for that matter) but they seem pretty good, especially if your on a budget.

Both are good...i would say you can google somewhere how someone got a Iron Maiden sound from one or the other...i know when you buy the RP, you can go to the website and they have a ton of custom presets you can download onto it via cable.