So, I have a mexican made Fender Strat, given to me as a gift from my sister's boyfriend. I bought a Vox VT20 amp and a 15 ft. Livewire cable (the ones with the blue things at each end) and I noticed that when I play with distortion on, the sound sounds... Strange.

It's hard for me to describe... Like, if i play a single note somewhere past the twelfth fret, it'll sound fine, but if I play two notes at the same time, also somewhere past the twelfth frets, I get a strange echoing kind of sound. It 'clunks' and echoes and sounds just plain weird. This only happens as I go further up the fretboard, power chords and such sound fine.

Now my question is, is it the guitar, amp, or even the cable? When I plugged in my friend's guitar and cable I noticed the same thing, so I'm thinking it's the amp. Is it just because I have a basic amp and they're not powerful enough to get a clean sound? Will a distortion pedal help? Even though I've been playing guitar for a bit, I'm still new to gear and everything (I've been playing mainly acoustic before I got my electric).

Help would be very appreciated.
a pedal won't help at all. it would definately have something to do with the amp if you've tried a different guitar through it. your best bet is probably just to take it to a music shop and have them take a look at it. they should be able to trouble shoot for u
Get the guitar checked out.
There's probably something wrong with it - no one gives away a perfect condition Fender Strat for free.


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