Anyone who believes that Friday the 13th is bad luck, then let me tell you that I beg to differ. Yesterday I bought an amp for a ridiculously low price. By now you should realize it is a Fender DeVille. I Picked it up today and here is my NAD thread.

This is a 2005(?) Fender DeVille 410. I saw an ad on Craigslist and the seller wanted it originally for $600 then lowered to $500 then to $450. And did I pay $450? No, I paid $400 on it. The thing I was most glad when I first glanced at the amp was that It came with wheels. YAY!! I've always wanted these because they were so versatile but I could never get my hands on it either because of school, I didn't have the money, or I would see it for a price low and someone snatches it by 12 hours time. I also tried the Hot Rod III version but it would never catch on to me. What else can I say other than this amp is amazing. Now the question is what to do with my Line 6 Spider 15W?
i suggest you make a blow up the spider video right nao.

HNAD, wheels and all.
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your guitar is tiny or your amp is huge

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your guitar is tiny or your amp is huge

I was gonna make a "Thats what she said joke" but.............
Happy new amp day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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how about one that whines and has trouble with feedback?
Nice cardboard guitar in the background. Made me do a double take.

Post of clip of your amp!
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Now the question is what to do with my Line 6 Spider 15W?

Exactly the same problem I will have soon. Congrats on your new amp. I'm planning on getting a new one soon, not nearly as great as yours (same brand though )