So I've had an ESP KH 202 for about a year now, it was brand new when I bought it, and it's always worked amazingly well. But just now when I was playing, a bent the B string and it went out of tune, down a full step. I checked everything over, the locking nut was as tight as it could be, and the string wasn't loose when I put it in at the bridge, so any idea what could have caused this?
I set it up so it was perfectly level with the body, well eyeballed it anyways, it could be off one way or another by a little bit though.
Well the only thing I can think of would be if the fine-tuner has somehow slipped, but that should also knock the other strings out.. wierd
Did you check the saddle and make sure it didn't slide forward?
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check and make sure that the string isnt slipping through the nut. strum the string with the nut clamped down and push on the part of the string above the nut if the pitch rises, theres your problem, if not
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take the screw all of the way out of your locking nut and check the underside of the little square string clamp,see if the b string has worn a groove in it.this happened to me and i went nuts trying to figure out what was going on