Would I be able to safely run a bass through my guitar crybaby 535q? I know it may not sound ideal, but will I break anything if I do?
It won't hurt anything. I don't know if that particular model was designed for bass, but I do know the orignal Dunlop Crybaby was made for the bass guitar.

There shouldnt be a problem, depending on the amp that your running it through you MIGHT lose some low end.
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Short Answer, no. Long answer - no but u might lose that nice sound w/o a bass specific model.
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It will work, it just won't sound good. The bass Crybaby is basically the same as the guitar model, there are just a few components different, to 'tune' the wah to the frequency range of a bass.
With a guitar wah, the sweep won't really affect lower notes, because it was designed for use with a guitar.