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I recently formed a band, and unfortunately my Fender Frontman 15w isn't up to the task I have assigned it.

I'm looking into spending about $600... maybe a little more if I have to. I play metal core thrash, etc., and need an amp that can handle that without a boost. I own a line 6 POD hd300, and I can boost if I want to, and use the amp models for the cleans.

It has to be able to handle playing without being mic'd up most of the time. It's gotta be tube (No shit!) People have recommended the 6505+, but I know there has to be more suggestions than that.
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If if you go up in you budget a tad I'd suggest the bugera 333xl. Its ****ing badass.
Bugera 333XL

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I own a bugera 333 xl and play metalcore, thrash, death, djent, etc. Its really good for the price, no doubt...however! I wish I had saved the bit extra and gotten a 6505 instead. The bugera is great live but I've found its tone is just a little bland and you pretty much HAVE to use some pedal to boost it so you can get squealies and such. For the price, its the best tube amp for metal. Period. But you get what you pay for. If you want an amp worthy of a quality recording, save up and get a pro amp.