Have any of you ever experienced this? I'm near-sighted and I've been wearing contact lenses for around 6 years now. Just now I took my contacts out and immediately noticed that things aren't as blurry as they usually are. I looked at the clock that's several feet in front of me and could easily see what time it was, which I haven't ever been able to do without my contacts due to how blurry it looked.
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My dad explained this to me (he's a surgeon/doctor. So this is pretty solid). When people get a bit older (close to 30) their vision actually gets better. This is because the lense in your eye (meaning the biological body part) begins to harden as you get older. This improves your vision.
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^I'm still almost a decade away from being 30 but hey, I'm liking the improved eyesight.

The age obviously would vary from person to person. But my dad said it happens to most, if not all people.

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I've had the exact opposite happen.
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you sure your eyes arnt just reacting to your contacts? if you've used the same ones for a number of years, your eyes can adjust

for example, if you wore glasses with lenses that made everything upside down, over a period of years, your eyes would adjust so you would see everything right side up, untill you took the glasses off and then your natural vision would be upside down

i learnt that about 4 years ago so dont flame if im wrong haha
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I know I can read and make out things DESPITE them being blurry. I've gotten used to the blurr. But I still use my glasses during class.
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Yep! Honestly, I cannot remember if I was near or far sighted, but I had to wear glasses in 4th and 5th grade. Come summer vacation going into 6th grade, the optometrist said my eyes had corrected themselves and I no longer needed them .

My sister on the other hand has been wearing glasses for almost 20 years now.

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