I play my Jaguar Classic Player with the bendable coil tap so they can be single coil or humbuckers through a Peavey VTM-60 head and a cab I built that is 1x12. Right now I use a Vox Wah, a MXR classic overdrive, and a New York made Big Muff.
I've read that the Big Muff doesn't sound as great as it could with 12AX7 tubes (my Peavey has 4 - 12AX&'s and 2 - 6l6's in it).
Does anybody have suggestions or anything they really like with these tubes? I really like the Husker Dü sound but mine sounds kinda muddy when I run the Big Muff. The MXR gives it a really nice crunch though.

Or anybody have any pedals that they are in love with that I should try out?
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I definitely need a Chorus pedal, any suggestions?
Do you know the difference between the TS9 and a classic overdrive?
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I definitely need a Chorus pedal, any suggestions?
Do you know the difference between the TS9 and a classic overdrive?

I am not the most knowledgeable but I have been looking into chorus pedals a lot lately as well. It seems like the ones that keep getting recommended to me are the TC Electronics Corona, MXR's chorus, and I saw a really cool youtube video of a Neuenabar Wet (probably spelled that wrong, sorry)

As far as the OD is concerned, I really haven't tried any out seeing as how my amp is a Fender Frontman and I really have no need for an OD till I upgrade. I hear lots of good things about the TS9's though, but I have also heard they are somewhat overpriced because they have a great reputation. I've hard there are a lot of other pedals that are basically improved copies of the TS9. Correct me if I'm wrong though anyone.
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If you find the Mars Fuzz pedal on the bay,get that sucker,its a great OD thats not fizzy-mushy or wimpy,it has the best and strongest dynamics of all my 7 OD grit drives!
It seems too be a identicle EH graphic fuzz $130
Mars sells for like $62.00 with a power supply all SS CONSTRUCTION!
A huge articulate breakup going on,has a sustain and dynamics adjustment and a 6 band graphic EQ,USING SLIDERS!
Its hard too find,keep your eye open for it !

I recieved the TC Corona Chorus last week,its very good,it treats the highs much differently than the mxr stereo chorus pedal,corona is better is this area,mxr has a warmer low end somewhat,both are $$$$ lol
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Thanks for all the suggestions, right now I think I am either gunna get the Boss CE-2, Delta Lab SC1, or the Ibanez CS-9 which I'm leaning towards the most. As far as fuzz I've been thinking about the big muff with tone wicker switch and then I found out its easy enough to mod the NYC Big Muff to have a tone switch on it.