So, I bought a digitech whammy pedal from my guitar teacher for$125. He told me there was a problem with the input jack (it cut out every now and then) and we decided that I would be able to fix it easily, because there were only the 5 hex screws anyways, and I've done a pretty good amount of that stuff. Well, as it turns out the entire circuit board is somehow attached to the bottom of the pedal. So problem 1 is, How the hell do I get inside there? Also, when I was trying to figure out what was holding it down, I thought it might have been the switch, so, without thinking, I unscrewed the nut on that, and the whole thing fell inside the pedal. Problem 2 is, how do I get the switch back out if I can't fix the input jack? I might just take it back to my teacher because he said if it really stops working that he'd get someone to take care of it.
sounds like the cable's prong is making contact with the ground wire in the jack (or some other ground wire)

you may have to remove the knobs to remove the chassis
when the jack is causing the pedal to cut in and out, does this happen when the pedal is on, or bypassed, or both?