Hey guys, I am Jerrad Williams from West Virginia.
I am 17 years old. I am almost finished with my solo LP which I have been working on since mid March. I am almost done. All of the demos minus one more and a cover are up on my soundcloud. The styles differ quite a bit. Most of the stuff is Progressive Metal with some Black Metal and Post-Rock influence but there is also some dream pop and some Trip-Hop stuff in here as well. I just finished the song "Purple" tonight.

Listen and be sure to give me some feedback. I also need some album art so if anyone is interested in that please be sure to let me know!

*Feel free to download and share. Heck, even a review would be nice*

Quote by stevosmusic1
i like everyhting but the vocals use clean vocals dont add effects or auto tune

I happen to like them. lol
Thanks for listening!