I don't know if I should get a Fender Frontman 65R or the Mustang II 40w. The mustang is a modeling amp, but I don't think I will be using most of the settings. I'm also very skeptical, in case the Mustang doesn't have a "normal" clean tone. The Frontman seems like a regular amp, nothing special, with 65 watts. The distortion on it isn't supposed to be too good but my pedal will solve that.
I went with the Mustang (III for me). I tend to try out new amps a lot, and was trying to decide between a Twin Deluxe and a Mustang. Because the Mustang is a modelling amp, I got multiple amp types/tones out of a single purchase. Now I can use my computer to tweek the amp settings, or load other peoples preloads to get various bands tone for whatever I feel like playing. I also modify the basic amp mod (i.e. take a Fender Frontman, add pedals, add rack effects) and try out my own combinations. If you are talking about the same price for either amp, I'd recommend the Mustang. Oh, and I had to turn the amp volumes down on the computer because I was shaking my windows on 4 so being able to change the volume on the computer before it hits your amp and is turned up again is a plus, unless you're looking for the other end of the spectrum (which the Mustang can get LOUD). I have no troubles getting clean tones out of most of the base amp styles either. After purchasing this amp I finally hit the stage where I could hear that my pickups were a bit muddy, so a few months later I upgraded to SD 59'/Pearly Gates and my cleans are now remarkable.
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neither. but if i had to pick, mustang. frontmen are not good amps.
The Mustang is a great modeling amp. Frontman kinda sucks. I'm getting a Mustang in a few weeks. But try then out first before you make a decision if you can.

Hell, lets go all the way. Budget, Genres, New or Used, Home or Gig, Closest City, Current Gear, Special Fetishes?

We could recommend tons of other amps if you give us some more info, like Budget, genres, used or new...etc...you can get something alot more dearer than a Mustang OR Frontman
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Hell, lets go all the way. Budget, Genres, New or Used, Home or Gig, Closest City, Current Gear, Special Fetishes?

Ok, lets go all the way

Budget: $200, maybe $250
New or Used: Preferably new, and my local GC doesn't have any good used amps
Home or Gig: Home
Closest City: Not many music stores except GC
Current Gear: 2010 MIM Strat
Line 6 Spider iv 15w (planning on trading in)

Genre/Bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, Green Day etc. One that is good clean and hopefully a good distortion. If not I can run my Boss DS-1 through. I would love a verstile amp, nothing too quiet though Not too loud either......
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what's on your local craigslist? edit: prefers new, that's cool.

for $200 i'd say try the vypyr, mustang and Vox VT amps in that range. all are pretty good, i like the mustang. (got one for my friends son).
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Yay, +1 for the Mustang from Gregs. Anyone tried the Marshall MG30FX?
yea we have. do you own a flameshield? get it now.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
i would not reccomend the marshall mg series unless you can find one thats a little bit older. the new versions of them just sound awful. if you dont mind having a no frills amp thats just bare bones, give the vht special 6 or special 6 ultra a shot. if you want a little more crunch out of it, u can use ur boss pedal. it has real nice, shimmery cleans and the ultra has a nice crunch when turned up. i run an mxr fullbore through it and play mostly medalcore and the amp gets loud and can really scream. i was jamming iwht my drummer today and only needed it to be at 1/4 volume to play over him, if i remember correctly, i think it was even less than that. the variable wattage control allows you to maintain the power at lower bedroom levels. however, being an all tube amp, if your using the amps on board gain, you wont get much until you really crank the volume.

in the way of easy to find amps, check out the vox vt20 (partial tube amp), orange crush pix cr35ldx, if you want a modeling amp, go for the mustang all the way. the frontman series are just cheap amps and really arent worth it in my opinion
I looked online and found a used VOX AD100VT 100W 2x12 Valvetronix for $280. Would that be worth it? I don't think I will be gigging anytime soon, but would it be worth the price just to know you have the extra watts if necessary??

Is it any good??????

Oh, the choices!!!!!!