OK guise, you've been pretty helpful in the past, but now the shits about to hit the fan!

I've got my amp all taken apart and took the metal protector plate (which doesn't seem to protect much) and I'm looking for the Bright Cap (C2?).

Unfortunately, I'm a noob with schematics (which seem unavailable for this amp on the internet) and I could really use a picture of what I'm supposed to clip.

Also, I can't really provide pictures of the guts for you guys to circle which one because I lost my camera.

And there IS a possibility that someone has already removed it, because a few of those bean sized orange resistors (?) have a ton of glue on them, but otherwise it looks untouched.

Anyways, any help is appreciated.
Found a schematic right here:


Bright cap would be C5 not C2.

Edit: Some people change the value of C4 on JCM800s too. But if you jsut want to take out the bright cap for now, it is attached to across the preamp volume pot's first terminal and wiper. Just snip one leg so you can put it back later if you wish. I always take the bright cap out of my Marshall amps. They sound awful.

Edit again: and drain the caps, they store charge long after you've turned the amp off.
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