Hey guys, I have a problem.

When I'm recording a song of mine, I export the drum track from the Guitar Pro file into a MIDI and put it into Reaper. From there I apply Steven Slate Drums VSTi to it and everything is cool.

But now, I want to record some older stuff. Back then, I wrote drums using '40' so when i export the midi and put it in reaper it does not register as a proper snare (as opposed to '38' which is what i use now)

I have memory of someone a while ago explaining to someone that in reaper there is a way to transpose all of those '40' into '38' aka proper snare hits in a simple way.

Is this possible or am I going to have to go through all my old Guitar Pro files and change every '40' to a '38'?

Here's a pic to show you what I mean.

Peace of cake.
Double click the MIDI, right click one of the snare hits, go to "select all notes with the same pitch" and move them up or down.
thanks man. I was just half way through doing it manually in guitar pro to one song while waiting for an answer