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thanks man. that website was bookmarked immediately. any songs you really like from the site?

Yeah dude, that website is very useful. The software is sweet too.

Depends what you want to play.
Here is some that I learn that were nice-

More Than Words by Extreme (Pop) play it to a chick hehe.
Spain by Chick Corea (Jazz)
Misty (Jazz)
Don't Stop Believing by Journey (Pop)
Feelings (Pop) beautiful love song
Giant Steps - Coltrane (Jazz)
Danny Boy - (George Benson solos's)
Indiana Jones Theme (Pop)
Look into these arrangements by Robert Yelin. They're in a few books, called "Jazz (standards, gems, and two others) for solo guitar" 35 in each. done in the style of johnny smith. I used Darn that dream on my college audition and it went over very, very well

for online, these aren't as good, but they're something to kill time