Ok here's the deal:

Just bought an Egnater Rebel 30 Head. Currently own a Line 6 Spider Bogner tube amp 2X12 combo amp.

I love the sound of the Egnater 30 head. I want to (ideally) use the effects and floorboard effect switching on the Line 6 and use the 2X12s in the Line 6 combo so I don't have to get another effects unit or another 2X12 cab just for the Egnater head.

The Egnater rebel 30 has a "silent" mode whereby you don't (as is usual for tube amps) have to have a speaker connected to the speaker output. Apparently also in this mode the effects loop send is active as I have found out. So in theory, could I send the signal from the effects send on Egnater to either:

a) the guitar input on the Line 6 and thus utilize the effects therein along with the 2X12 speakers in the Line 6 combo (obviously sticking to the totally CLEAN channel on the Line 6 and using it only for the Delay, Chorus etc. effects I could add to that clean channel patch. -OR-

b) run the effects send on the Egnater to the effects return on the Line 6 and thus utilize the Line 6 effects and the 2X12s that way.

Or can I somehow loop the line 6 with effects back through the Egnater effects loop and ultimately discard the "silent" mode and plug the Line 6's 2X12s into the speaker out of the Egnater, using the Line 6 simply as an "effects unit."

Or C) is this all just too complicated and I should just pull out my old pedals, do an effects loop on the Egnater and spring for either a separate 2X12 cab or just use the Line 6 2X12 cab speakers only (no Line 6 involvement at all other than using the speaker cab) so I don't have to spring for a new 2X12 extension cab?

Feasibility of the above? Stupidity level of the above? Don't worry about hurting my feelings ;-), I'm just trying to save money and I might just need to do C I realize but just thought I'd ask.

you better double check that silent mode works like that.

most silent modes just mute the signal to the power amp.
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