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I went to pick up a rocker 30 4 days ago only to find it was making farty crackling noises when cranked.

I leave annoyed (an hour journey there) and today I receive an email from the guy apoligising and saying his frienb told him when he had moved the amp, he may have knocked one of the pre tubes. He replaced one and stopped. He said he's replacing them all.

Do I go and buy I if he claims it to work? I want to buy it but am reluctant incase the tube replacement are just covering up the real problem.

I'd be gutted if I got it and found something else was the problem.

What do you guys think?? He wants 405pounds for it.

Thanks, Luke.
Make him travel to your place. Then test it thoroughly when he gets there. Or make a deal you pay half then, then half a couple days after when you're sure it's working 100%
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well you tried it and it didn't leave an impression on you so I say leave it. Not worth the risk
Tubes dont cause farty noises imo

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get him to meet you at an amp repair shop and get it looked at. if the tubes are the only problem them maybe you should go for it. If the tech finds other problems then you cant judge it from there.
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Just got a text from the guy and this is what he said...

"Hey Luke its all good. Had it on for an hour this afternoon and its sweet as. Back to perfect".

There was more about delivery but thats not needed here.

What you rekon guys? He seemed pretty genuine...And I know where he lives if it craps on me?

I'm going to pick it up today. After a chat with the seller, he said he hasn't had any problems since he replaced one pre amp tube as the replaced one looked as if it wasn't glowing as much as the others.

It was in MINT condition, no dust or anything.

Do you think its safe to spend £400 on it?

its not my money so i say go for it they are a sweet amp when healthy.
Haha so if it was your money you wouldn't ?

Its probably just the tube that caused it, but what if its not and is just being covered up?

It sounded like metal in a washing machine. This uncontrollable noise, but apparently has dissapeared since changing the tube.
If it is cheaper to buy it and have it retubed than it is to buy a new one, and you like the sound of it, give it a shot.

Also compare it to ebay prices or something for reference.
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Hmmm I'd take everything he says with a pinch of salt no matter how nice he sounds, remember he is trying to sell you something for £400... but if it was a constant problem before and you put it through it's paces today and don't see any sign of the problem, I'd go for it. They look like a sweet amp!
sounds like the tube went microphonic and was picking up vibrations/loose when it was cranked.

I think it's worth it if you get there and it sounds as great as it should be. Just think, it could have sounded great when you went to check it, and when you got home, you could have knocked the tube enough to go microphonic and you'd be in the same situation.

I say meet in the middle somewhere, somehow and give it a second try, if it's financially sound for you.
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Good luck. Hope it works out. Make sure to thoroughly test it before bringing it home. And I agree you may be able to convince him to pay for a basic diagnosis from a reputable amp tech. If anything else is wrong he should refund you your purchase. The price seems fair I think (not fully familiar with the USD-pounds conversion rate) and, as others have said and I can attest fully (see my gear below), they are sweet amps. Hope it's fully functional and you love it.

Edit: Just did the conversion. 405 pounds = $655 USD. That is a ridiculously good price for the Rocker - almost half of what you see on eBay and for new. Such a good price is good for you but it also should raise a red flag. Lots of testing on site before taking it home.
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Bought the amp, sounded great at the blokes house.

Play at mine and I can hear faint distorting sounds.

I tap one powertube and that seems to be controlling it.

Megga pissed off. A lot of money for an inperfect working amp.

Is it a bad powertube?

I have 2 matched power tubes in my other amp. Can I just swap them to see?

The rocker is self biasing?

Thanks, gutted.
Sure you dont jut have bad wiring/grounding at your house?

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Quote by moominman2
I have 2 matched power tubes in my other amp. Can I just swap them to see?

If they're the same type, go for it. You don't need to worry about biasing if you're just testing to see if you have a bad tube.
Hi, I'm Peter
Can you record this noise at all? It could jut be hisssssssssssssss......

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It could be a bad tube. If you have a spare its OK to use it to test for an issue. (Disclaimer: provided its the same type of tube).

Try that and report back.

Edut damn I'm slow.
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what guitar are you using?

tried a different lead?

etc etc etc

they are very well built amps so i am struggling to think what it could be,

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If they are the same type. Don't replace el34s with 6v6s for example. But same type should be fine, even just testing with replacing one is for test purposes.
you can try wiggling the tubes and such. sometimes tubes come loose. it's pretty common.
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Cheers folks.

Here's an update...

I plugged the rocker into a different cab and heard NO noisey problem. I plug it back into the rocker speaker and NO noise either.

That was about 20 to 30mins ago. I haven't replaced any tube or anything.

The noise is unheard but will crank it tomorrow.

What the hell????
If it's not the power in your house then it was something that happened during transit. The most likely thing to be affected by transit is the seating of the valves. Pull them out and plug them back in and try again.

Edit. Reading your last post leads me to the conclusion that the jack was dirty. Grab a can of contact cleaner, spray it on the plug and work it in and out of the jack a few times.
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Sucks your having problems I bought a tube amp from the US without even seing a picture for £350 (dumb I know) and it was in mint condition, worked fine, but I had a kinda noise like your saying hisssssssssssss HISSSSSSS hisssssss pop pop (almost like a mini thunderstorm or something!) when it was cranked, and I used this page ( to debug what it could be. After a whole load of fannying I changed all the tubes and it works fine. That was 2 years a go and I sometimes get the noise faintly now, especially when the amps been on a while.

Hope that page helps though, it's a great resource
Quote by moominman2
Oh really? The amp is in MINT condition so I find it difficult to believe it is that :/

When I'm home, ill work the jack a bit.

I have switch cleaner...that's good enough?


A little dust in the jack could probably cause what you're describing.

You say you tapped a power valve? What happened?
Some kind of ringing noise usually is indicative of a microphonic valve.

If its a valve issue, thats not the sellers/amps fault really. Valves go bad.

You should deffinately check over the sockets too. Spray some compressed air and use a toothpick to tighten the teeth in the sockets.

It's good to learn about maintenence like this, can save your ass in the future. So consider it a learning experiance rather than an unfortunate sale.

Oranges are usually rock solid in terms of reliability. If you cant sort it yourself just take it to a store fix it, and ask the guy you got it from to pay half or something.

I'd keep hold of that rocker. In a few years they might be worth something. I've got one on my to buy list. The crunch is unbeatable.

rockxwl, its not really a ridiculously good price, its sorta average, theyre a UK company, so Yanks dont get a good deal overseas. IRC the rockers were around £550 new (for the head at least).
Thanks for the response. Looks like a good site


Cranked the clean channel up after playing at low volumes. I was looking at the powertubes and one of them sparked!!!!!!

What do I do? Shall I turn it off? Its on standby.

It sparked? I wouldn't keep playing it if the power tube sparked.
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Have you tried replacing the power tubes with new ones yet?
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