I read on the internets that the best best distortion pedal for metal is the BOSS Metal-zone.

However I have tried it at my local music shop with a Marshall JCM 800 and a Ibanez RG but it sounded like angry bees in a tin, even when i tweaked the EQ.

Should I turn to another brand like Electro Harmonix ?
Hardwire TL-2
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Where on earth did you read that? They should be shot. The MT-2 is one of THE worst pedals you can buy for metal.

As for finding a good pedal, that depends a lot on what you want to sound like, and what other gear you have.

I recommend a Hardwire Metal Distortion pedal though - IMO the best sounding metal pedal in the price range. I also got a Boss HM-2 today, and I can't recommend it enough. Although it's more of a death metal and classic metal sound than modern. So it depends a lot on what kind of sounds you're trying to get.
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Wow. How can you even consider looking at the EHX bullshit. Their idea of a metal pedal is even more buzzy/"bees in a can" than the modern boss distortions.
Boss MT-2 was my first distortion. I used it for playing Iron Maiden, Deep Purple.. It is for light stuff. For more heavier sound I highly recommend Boss ML-2. It is brutal sounding, it has 2 band EQ, controlling Bass and High, so it stays brutal and you can play screaming leads.

I have no offence for Digitech... Never tried, so I cant say nothing about it.
My Jekyll and Hyde's distortion channel is pretty hot for a smooth distortion sound. I'm assuming that's what you want for metal. They sell the hyde (distortion) side by itself too
I'm much more into the sound of (semi-)boutique Dist./OD-pedals, but a while ago I was comparing some of the Blackstar HT pedals and they really sounded fantastic. I tried 'em with a bunch of tube amps but also on a hybrid and a solid state amp, and it didn't really affect the high gain character of the pedals in such a way that it started sounding cheap like many other pedals do. You should definetly try those

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Digitech Grunge is the best for the price.
You just have to be REALLY CAREFUL with the EQ.
It's about 30 to 40 quid and it's built like a flipping tank.


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i say electro harmonix metal muff. it sounds great IMO. just dont use the treeble booster or whatever its called, makes the pedel sounds like a dieing horse...
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