Using a load of new-equipment I got - ie an audio interface and some tasty VST's, i've sat down and re-recorded the first tune I ever wrote

It would be lovely to hear opinions on recording quality ie what could be done better and just the song itself! although i'm aware the harmony doesn't vary very much, but hey it was written like 2 years ago!

Here it is : http://soundcloud.com/matthew-gilchrist/titled

The other one is one of my GCSE music compositions which i recorded at home featuring my friend joe on the low whistle (flute/recorder type thing) pweeeease tell me what you think my good people! im new with acousticy recordings so i'd quite like to hear what i could be doing differently

here it is: http://soundcloud.com/matthew-gilchrist/unit-4-with-joe-jermy-on-the

Many thanks!!
The acoustic guitar sounds really nice in the intro, and when the distortion kicks in it's pretty sick. I quite like the piano melody too. The interlude is cool, the tapping harmony sounds really nice here. Just generally a really nice song, and you got some pretty good guitar tones. You should definitely write a vocal melody for this, or get someone to sing for you.
Im really enjoying the chord progressions and mixed use of sweep picking on the chorus haha, very very interesting stuff man! Im gonna keep listening for sure!
that was AMAZING. really interesting song. lots going on and sounds very tight. the guitar tone is killer and so is the skill involved in what your playing.
@withconviction - wowza thanks a lot man it may sound like sweep picking but its actually tapping this makes me sound much less badass .. ah well you got anything i can comment on to return the favour?

@bandsunnyside - oof thank you very much!! i had a long journey with guitar tone and i think i've reached the end - finally 8) thanks for replying !! you got anything i can comment on too?
hey wow man thats fantastic i love the opening chord progression. (u couldnt pm me the progression? hehe) just to throw in some a little criticism, i think the very first tapping sequence at about 28 seconds is just slightly to fast saying that it still fits well . But other then that thats lovely well done

if you have any time could you review any of my 3 songs ? http://www.youtube.com/user/asakura111?feature=mhee
thanks and again brilliant song
I keep listening to this, I love it. But i'm just wondering how you managed to compose this, at a GCSE level??

I am just wondeirng if you had a lot of guidance from teachers and what-not? Or if its 100% done by yourself. Also, i am wondering how you first got into composing stuff like this. I'd love to write my own stuff like this but I do not have the know-how, so if you know how I could start of on making stuff like this... that'd be great!
hiya mate

thank you very much im glad you like it!! to be honest its all been done by me, i haven't really had any help with it from teachers but it has been a very long process

this is how it started : http://soundcloud.com/matthew-gilchrist/untitled-original
then i recorded it again a while later: http://soundcloud.com/matthew-gilchrist/untitled-round-2
and again more recently: http://soundcloud.com/matthew-gilchrist/untitled

then theres the one i posted in this thread which is pretty much finished each time i hear it i hear things that could be added or things that need taking away, then i end up recording again improved
i started stuff like this when we got an assignment in music to just write a piece basically, and this is where i came up with these basic chord sequences and from there i decided to carry on recording other stuff too
as far as tips for writing stuff like this, i couldnt tell you exactly but mostly i come up with a chord sequence or a riff or both and then craft a song around it, adding bits and bobs here and there for example at like 1.05 in the most recent one i added the guitar melody, then decided add the harmony over it. also i find structure and form is real important when writing so the piece sounds kinda complete and not all over the place, so try and work around a structure
i try and make it as epic as possible!! use pads if you can in quiet bits and chunky distorted guitar using open chord positions always work well too drums are key as well, if you can do an epic drum part it will affect the piece a lot rather than just using a loop which many do

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_form if you can sift through the crap in there then theres some info on structure :P

hope i have helped at all!! thanks again matey!!
It's got a rock/pop groove that i actually really like! I'm usually not a huge fan of the sound you were going for but you managed to grab with this one. The tapping was pretty interesting as well as your chord choices/progression that came later, where the electric guitar came in with a relaxing lead line haha. Followed again by the tapping..caught me off guard. Great composition dude.
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Hey dude,

I'm not a rock guy these days so I listened to the Folk piece first off and really dug it! Good work! Good musical changes, great timing and a nice use of pauses/sustained notes - something I think is too often overlooked these days.
You've got the acoustic guitar sounding great, I would suggest a little more bass but I understand that it's got to sit correctly in the mix! Anyway you're very advanced in what your doing, was certainly overwhelmed when I read your doing this kind of stuff for GCSE!
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sounds great man i wish i had your recording set up. you shred the guitar too bro. what interface are you using?
Well, this one goes to 11!
jack! cheers buddy i am lucky to have what i have! i got an m-audio fast track pro going into cubase 4, and im using a zoom g2.1u pedal for the effects its super stuff!

InnerDream- hey thanks a lot buddy! i'll comment on yours now!
Sick dude

There is nothing bad I can say about this song

That floored me

It is a masterpiece

It's got a real anthem feel to it

I really can't decide if I like the blistering legato explosions or the beautiful quiet parts the most

Excellent job man

Is all your stuff this good?
first song: i like the chord progression youre using. the atmosphere and use of effects is really nice. the tapping needs to be louder, its hard to hear against the rhythm. the change up after is nice. the return to the theme is great. short and to the point, i liked it.

unit 4: great folk vibe you have going. the recording came out really nice. i like the subtle use of the background instruments.

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