Hey guys, just a quick question.

Do people that hybrid/finger pick use their pinky aswell?

I´m going to start working on my hybrid picking and i just wasent sure about how it´s done. With pick, middle, ring or with pick,middle,ring and pinky.

I know there aint any rule and you can use both ways but is it worth the while training the pinky? Will it be of any use?

Thanks in advance folks
I would say don't bother with picking with your pinky, if you want to train all 4 of your right hand fingers to do something; try 8 finger tapping.
Nothing says you can't. It's weaker than your other fingers, so you'll have to train it up, and some people have really short pinkies, so they can't use that finger normally in hybrid picking. But to quote some dumb blonde: if you've got it, flaunt it.
You don't want to pick with your pinky if doing so takes your right hand out of the proper picking position, which it does for most people, due to the length of the pinky.
Thanks for the advice guys I´ll just have to train it up alot, then i can do some serious Hybrid picking. Any advice on players that i should look into? The main reason i got into hybrid picking is that éric johnson does it now and then, and he´s one of my favorite players.
Well, EJ and Shawn Lane share a lot of pentatonic ideas, and they're very handy to hybrid pick. Aside from that, Danny Gatton, Brett Garsed and Scotty Anderson are all worth studying!