I'd like to introduce you my another solo-project called "A The". For fans of Team Sleep, Portishead, and any bands of post rock.
Recently I released a 2nd album which is simply called "II". Both albums are on MySpace, and they are always one-track albums.
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I honestly did not sit through the entire thing because it's the middle of the afternoon, but it sounds really nice, like a way more ambient, less technical, even slightly boring Scale the Summit. With that said it's still got some cool ideas.

This is the type of stuff that can put me to sleep but in a good way. It's soothing. The mix is pretty good too. I personally think you should split it up into different tracks though, just my opinion.
Thanks for your opinion!
Yeah, I too fell asleep several times while making it LOL

I am planning to come up with videos for a couple of tracks taken out separately of the whole mix. But still I want to stick up to the one-track thing as it's only 20 mins total play which is OK for a one-time playthrough.