After playing for only short periods of time I often start to get a spike of pain in the mid part of my right forearm. Not all over but in one spot. Could this possibly be tendon pain or rsi?

I find this is solved by anchoring my pinky below the strings however my playing suffers because of this.

Any solutions? Thanks
Anyone who claims to be able to diagnose things over the internet is talking bullshit, before you get answers telling you what it might be.

You need to see a doctor to be able to find out what the problem is.
Don't play for a week
If it persists after, go to a doctor.

Giving it a bit of rest solves most problems.
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
Yeah, don't let anyone here tell you what the problem is.

Although, you could try stretching out a bit. I'm not saying this is the issue, but it's possible you've developed a way of playing that contracts a certain muscle in your forearm. Over time, with that muscle constantly under stress, it may have become very tense and locked up. Since you mentioned anchoring your pinkie gets rid of the pain, that's the first theory that came to mind.

Try holding your hand in a different position that doesn't hurt and allows you to relax completely. You may have to work up your confidence in that playing position all over again, but it's worth it if you're no longer risking an injury.

And also, as previously mentioned, if the pain isn't going away, go to the doctor, man. It's definitely not worth living with and getting worse if you can avoid it.
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Book a Doctors appointment right away, try revisiting your technique, especially in your arm.
Go to a doctor. Take a break. Funny, when I changed to 7-string this issue went away. Then again I think I was holding my wrist in a bad position way back then really.

Now it's all good.