Have you guys checked out the new Gibson "Thunderhorse" Explorer?

I'm surprised why they didn't give it a steel pickguard and EMG pickups like the one Skwissgar uses...

The finish is a bit strange also.

Your thoughts?
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Thunderhorse never looked so good. The pickups used are actually fairly high output despite their appearence. A steel pickguard would ruin it. The black pickguard works with the silverburst, which is cool. The binding on the neck is nice too.
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Quote by Axelfox
I like it, can't wait to play one at a local guitar store......

....if they ever get one.....

The finish is awesome. A red and black one would be nice too.


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Quote by Woffelz
The finish is awesome. A red and black one would be nice too.


Meh. I don't really like it. The Epiphone prototype looked 1000x better, IMO.

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I agree, I really liked the Epiphone version. The Gibson is sexy with the silverburst, but I would obviously never buy one.
The new finish design makes sense. Matte-black finishes are something found on low-end guitars; not many people will pay Gibson prices for one. But this finish would have been much better with no pickguard at all.

I wonder if the world's fastest guitarist will have a new guitar next season? They could work some great gags about endorsements into an episode that way.
It's a silverburst explorer. I don't see what makes it a "Thunderhorse" explorer.
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Brendon said in his interview about the guitar that he wanted a guitar that looks and sounds like it could be used for everything from 70's music to death metal. He didn't want some stupid looking guitar that has Dethklok plastered all over it or something.

It's more of a limited-edition custom run than it is a signature guitar.

And it's called the Thunderhorse because 1) the color/binding/etc. and 2) he just wanted to name it something that fans of the show could understand and appreciate.
Quote by ChucklesMginty
The guitar from the show doesn't have Dethklok written on it anywhere.

Why would it? More importantly, what does that even have to do with anything?

You have a point, but this was blatantly marketed to be the guitar from Metalocalypse.

It's not supposed to be from Metalocalypse, just designed by the creator.

Except it's absolutely nothing like it.

Which, once again, isn't something Brendon said he was trying to do.

Here's the second half on the interview:


It's where he explains his thinking behind the custom guitar.
Well then I don't see the point behind naming it the Thunderhorse. I mean it has a different paint job and binding, so why market it as a completely different guitar.

I would have totally bought the Epiphone prototype.
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i think it looks sexy as ****. but then again, i have an Explorer fetish.
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Vampire Blood Moon? I would have thought Gibson could have come up with something better.

On the Dethklok guitar, I love it, big Mastodon fan so I think the silverburst is awesome.
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Quote by TeH Locko
I think if you'd like to play metali would go with cheaper http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Explorer/Gibson-USA/Explorer-Vampire-Blood-Moon.aspx and buy some emgs or maybe seymours and floyd would be usefull in that kind of music. And i think this one looks way better.

I saw this when it was first released. It's pretty cool looking however I don't like the blood drop fret inlays. Idk it seems like it was designed by a Twilight fan. Put some sick medieval-looking inlays instead of the blood drops and I'm sold! Otherwise, I personally love the Dethklok Explorer aesthetic wise. I think it should have looked more like Skwisgar's though.
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