very cool editing man!! and good voice! if you are the guitarist very well played and great sound!! The solo seems it could a little better but it was great overall! if you are the singer: cant really affirm out if you autotuned and thats a very good thing cause the voice was very cool

BTW: are u zakk wylde? lol

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Thank you very much!
I play the guitar, and appreciate your kind words! Please could you elaborate on the solo, so I can improve for future recordings?

Yeah, he looks a lot like Zakk Wylde... it's unreal! haha

Cheers, I have returned a comment
yes!! what i meant, not knowing the original one, is that it seemed like (idk the word in english) like a little bit out of sync and the opposite of legato like "interrupted", but thats why i said it could be a LITTLE better, cause its pretty awesome anyway. Idk why u asked me how i recorded given that yours sound much tighter!! (maybe imo the rythm guitars could be little bit louder or with more presence 6khz)
This is cool!, guitar harmonies are good. Very impressed with the singer considering this is a difficult song to sing. Think the guitar could do with being louder in the mix during the verse, but thats my only real criticism.

check mine out?
Absolutely fantastic. Really, this is fantastic! Guitar tone is lovely but the singing really impressed me. Great voice, excellent timbre and vocal range. My one comment would be aimed at the chorus end, when you try and reach the highest pitch - 'christmas time, dont let etc'. You hit the notes perfectly, but I thought it was done very softly...Justin is obviously an amazing singer, but I think you have it in you to aim for that high, agressive scream that he does...still melodic, but with plenty of oomph!
Im only nitpicking though, it was a great cover!

Heres mine if you get the chance: