Hey Pit, i need some help. As part of a job interview i need to write a 1 page brief about how i would implement a new barcode scanner stock control system. Here's a bit from the email that i got sent;

'We plan to introduce a bar code system to help us control our stock. The package we want use is linked below, it will integrate with our existing accounts package

http://www.tradebox.uk.com/_assets/pdf/PSS_Overview.pdf '

Background to the business; they are a lampshade business that specialises in glass lampshades and oil lamps.

Apparently there is no right or wrong answer, but i dont have a clue where to start, so i would appreciate some help from you guys.

I would be happy to give you lots of loving if you could help me out

Surely training all the staff and making sure the system was common place in-store would be a good place to start?
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This is the smartest question ever posted in the pit. I commend you.

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oil lamps? why the hell are you asking us?

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Wow, super vague.

When you say "implement" what do you mean? The only thing left to do after installing the package itself would be putting barcodes on every product and training everybody on the operating processes required.

I've dealt with systems like these from the developers side, and all I can say is that they're made to fall into place with as little effort as possible, leaving you with very little to do as far as implementation is concerned.
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Yeah i know it's super vague, but that's all the detail that i was given. By 'implement' i mean how would i go about starting to use the new system. Actually, tbh, i dont know what i mean. It's just 'implement' was used in the email i received.
When I read the "implement" bit I thought it was more looking for a creative way to use it?

I dunno...
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