So I'm recording my album, but need to add drums in. I'm recording through Pro Tools LE on my Mbox 3, and I already have Native Instruments Komplete. I need some good software that I can record some solid metal drums with. Any suggestions? Also, low price/free is highly preferred. Even a free demo would be good if it's not uber limited. Thanks
Don't have the money for real drums...in addition, I am no drummer. Hence using sampled drums.
As for Battery, whoops I should have clarified above I have Native Instruments Komplete ELEMENTS. My bad. Yea, battery was not included in mine.
I use toontrack superior drummer, for metal I use either the drumkit from hell expansion or the metal foundry expansion. They're pretty flexible you can use the pre-recorded midi tracks or slice up individual drums (i.e. hi hat, toms kick) anyway you want.
Superior doesn't sound like a bag of ass. Also it's way more versatile for pretty much every purpose. Though if you don't care that your mixes sound like crap because it's impossible even for the most seasoned engineer to make EzDrummer sound good (unless you sample replace it to hell and back), then yeah the price tag is pretty much the only difference.
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I dislike Ezdrummer, even with the "kit from hell" add-on. Superior Drummer 2.0 is far superior (lol)
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