Hey UG.
I have a question for some two-stringed legato runs.
Here's the example:
F|---------------------------------------------------------|  x3

(A friend send it to me, i kinda hate the solo and the band)
But would the correct technique on this run be to barre the A and D on the 10th fret, while hammering- and pulling off?
The problem problem i find with this technique, is that at some point more than one string will be ringing, and there will be a split second of noise.

How would you approach it, is there a way to avoid that ringing noise?

I kind of barre the tenth tenth fret, but when i play on the e string i angle my finger to mute the b string and then when playing the b string i angle my finger to block the e string. It's kind of a rolling motion.
^ yes. In order to avoid that string noise you'd have to kinda roll the index finger - to simulatenously fret one string while muting the other, and vice-versa, back and forth.

I would not say its correct or incorrect... just one technique, and it's a convenient skill to have when you need it.
Yeah. I see what you mean.
I will probably have to practice that technique, will be usefull i guess.
for this particular lick i wouldnt roll or barre it... just practice it really slowly at first
You could bar it at first just to get the feel for the picking pattern, and then try to transition out of it and move your index accordingly. Its an unhealthy habbit to bar while doing solos. It works, but later on down the line it can hold you back. for string skipping and stuff you gotta get the feel for hopping around with your index finger and changing positions and stuff. same with sweeps. But you can bar something if it gets the job done. ****, i still bar shit during solos sometimes lol. But when i started learning string skipping it ****ed with my head and i had to rewire a lot of stuff upstairs to get it down.