I can't imagine many people in the Pit will have listened to this form of music.

"Electroacoustic" is a broad term referring to music resulting from the manipulation of recorded or generated sound, emanating from loudspeakers, without an obvious human performer. Electroacoustic music is rooted in the mid-20th century, particularly in the work of two groups of composers, Musique concrète in Paris and elektronische Musik in Cologne.

It's a more... Compositional standpoint. I believe everyone studying music composition should be acquainted with this style of music, and those who are doing electronic music just as much. As, well, all Electronic music from today exists due to this research.

I'll link a few here but I can't imagine many people will like it

Amalgamation (Electroacoustic Music) by Cheng Chin Man

Cartridge Music - John Cage

Índios - Música Eletroacústica / Indians - Electroacoustic Music

John Cage "4'33"
We listened to a bit of Musique Concrete in my music course in high school, I thought it was really trippy when you got properly absorbed by it.
If music was the food of love I'd be a fat romantic slob.
Only reason I created it thread is because one of my modules at Uni is based on it. I mean I personally don't like a lot of it, but I appreciate the research it has done. Without them we would have had additive or subtracted synthesis which is fundamental to electronic music.

Though I have to say, listening to Luc Ferrari - Presque Rien ou le lever du Jour au Bord de la Mer, is actually quite good.
There was some Electro-Acoustic Music thingy concert on when I was at a music tech open day. It was an interesting experience, I'm not sure whether I enjoyed it or thought it was pretentious.