I've got a friend who has an Ibanez 'Custom Made' S-series guitar. We've found that it is probably from 1996. Does anyone know how much it's worth now? And what it sold for in 1996, too.
I have 1997 FMTT. Same model, different finish. Seriously one of the best feeling guitars I've ever played. Everything that I've played that has felt that good was $2000+. I got mine for $550, but they can go for around $800 depending on condition. Seriously amazing guitars though. If your thinking about getting one do it.

They went for about $1500 back in the 90's
I had a 93 s540fmtt which, like Levi, is also the same thing. It really was an awesome guitar but I have an RG prestige and will soon be finished my s470 so I sold it to get a strat instead. I sold it for $600
Thanks guys, I was just curious as to what it was worth. I knew it wasn't really custom made, but my friend seems to think that it's worth 3000$. I knew it wasn't. :P
And upon further research, I'm pretty sure its an S540LTD in Jewel Blue. I'm almost positive.