Hey guys how you doin'?

So, I have a squier bullet strat and I'm thinking of getting a new guitar.

I've been thinking of a Squier Telecaster Vintage modified custom, or a Squier Vintage Modified HH (both tele and Jaguar are HH ). The Jaguar one exceeds my budget a little bit but here are a couple of questions:

1- They are different ( of course ) but which do you think is the best? I play Rock, Blues, some metal, and some clean electric tracks.

2- The Jaguar doesn't have that fancy pickup selector switch of the true Fender Jaguar. So, does that aspect make this guitar way worse than the Fender Jaguar? Not counting other aspects like wood and stuff?

3- Which one do you think to be more capable of getting a tone close to Pearl Jam, Nirvana and maybe Local H kinda sound?

4- Which one do you think to be more capable of getting that kind of clean (dirty clean little wing style) Jimi Hendrix tone?

If you think you don't have an answer to all my questions just answer whatever you can please.
Thanks in advance!
Why not save for a guitar you really want instead of doubting between two cheaper ones?

Further more: just try them out and see what you like best in sound, feel and maybe look.

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Well I'd rather have a Fender Jaguar. But I don't have that kinda money. I personally prefer the Squier Jaguar (lookwise) but yeah i still have to try them out. Just wanted an opinion though
Save up until you can afford an MIM then decide which one you prefer the sound and feel of, bearing in mind the jag's a 24' scale as apposed to your 25.5' strat so it may a bit of getting used to at first.

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Yeah I have to think about the scale issue... By the way, a 24' scalee would be better for soloing?
Due to shorter scale length, if both guitars were tuned the same, the tension would be less in the Jaguar - the strings will be 'looser'. This will make it easier to bend.

However, bending does not equal soloing. The frets will also be closer together, which could make it harder playing complex passages in the upper register.

In reality, it depends on the player. You'll only be able to tell which is easier to play by doing just that - playing the two guitars.
definently play the guitar...even if you dont fnd one you like at least youll know what you dont like