Hi, sorry if this is a repeat thread, but basically I am playing my first gig in June, and I don't have a proper amplifier loud enough to gig properly. I am looking at this amplifier:


It's specs are brilliant but it surely can't be that cheap! I have the maximum f £150 to spend, so has anyone bought this amp, and can recommend it, or suggest any other loud amps in the price range? Thanks
If its a "proper" gig, then you will have a PA system that will be mic-ing your current amp.

what are you using right now. For lack of a better term, that amp looks... well, kind of crappy.
listen, im a teenager, playing in a school hall, i have no idea how to use a PA system, nor do i have one to start with. Can you suggest a loud, cheap amplifier, that is capable of being heard against drums and a spider IV? Help is really appreciated
I have a spider 3 Im trying to sell mate, 150watts if that's any good for you?
Running through:

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Ibanez GRG (on its way)

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I'm not sure about that amp, it'll be loud enough that's for sure. But You might want something from a well-known brand for the sake of resale value.

My advice would be to look on ebay for a steal, possibly for a solid state fender or a Orange crush, not sure on how the latter ones sound but the former are pretty good, (moreso the ones from the 90's which preceded the frontman series).

If you feel like taking a chance though the law says that you now have 7 days to return items bought online for any reason, not sure how postage works in that situation though.
ahh...it looks kinda...well....bad....

For that much you could probably find a much better amp...plus (and im sure his has been mentioned) but if you buy a better known brand...the resale value will be better
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I look like this-
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