I use ezdrummer through fruity loops studio to track my drums for recordings. It was all working fine until i made a song that had several tempo changes. I made the drum tracks in Finale2011 and, when i play the midi file, i hear the tempo changes in windows media player. however, when i drag the file into the ez drummer program, it plays at 1 tempo the whole way through. I really dont .want to have to take every single tempo change and put it into its own midi file in order for me to record it. then ill have to splice them all together. Im tempted to try cubase to see if it does the tempo changes. Anyone know if cubase works with tempo changes? or if there is a way to get FL to do it? Any help is greatly appreciated
Any DAW should be able to import the tempo map from the midi you generated in Finale. Try importing the midi and then using EZdrummer as a vst instead of the stand alone player.