I just upgraded to the metalheads expansion from DFH in ezdrummer. right away there were some things i liked and some i didnt. my ultimate decision was to just track what i liked from both kits. One of the things i really liked was the snare sound on metalheads expansion. its a nice fat rimshot sound, but, for some really odd reason, it only make a rimshot sound when the hi hat is closed. i imported a midi file made in Finale2011. when a cymbal or open hi hat is being rode, the snare sounds really quiet and is not a rimshot anymore. if i click the snare in the middle of the song, it makes the rimshot sound. so i know its possible. itd be a shame if i cant use this nice snare sound. any help with getting it to always be a loud rimshot is greatly appreciated.
so i fixed the other problem, but i pretty much always set the velocity to max on the drums. i dont know how to set just the snare to 127 all the time. i seriously cant think of a reason why the snare would get so quiet when there is a lot of cymbal stuff going on. it should be the opposite. want me to post an audio file?
I think in both Reaper and Cubase, in the piano roll, right click on the piano key that is the snare and that should select all the snares throughout the midi part, then you can right click on one of them and set the velocity to 125-127 and it should make all the snare hits in the piece cracks/rimshots. The only other thing I can think of is there not being enough headroom for the snare which just means you need to turn your cymbals down and then put a clipper, gclip is nice and free, on the snare track.