i am going to buy a new pedal for around £100-200 and need something useful for an amp with poor clean tones (a chord cg-30 cheapass amp) and a stagg strat copy and ibanez rga42t.

I already have a fuzzbox, wah, reverb and poor modulation pedal and want to expand the range of sounds as much as possible. My style of play is generally just messing around tring to find good tones, i really like psychedelic stuff like Hendrix and Pink Floyd, but have a pretty wide range of musical interests.

I've considered a seymour duncan deja vu (delay), seymour duncan tremolo, ibanez airplane flanger, dunlop rotovibe (rotary emulator) and a digitech whammy. Ideally i'd have em all, but i can only afford 1 and i would like advice about which would be best for me (that is to say which is the most vertisle and works best with piss-poor clean tone).
well the tremolo or rotary pedals would help improve your clean tone a bit


^ better idea
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An amp would be a good idea but you'll already get a lot of replies saying that. I like chorus pedals to clean up my tone.
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i forgot to put in that i have very specific circumstances regarding money, i currently get ema (money for going to college) which is about to end so i can't afford a new amp. i intend to get a job in a while to pay for a new amp but until then i want a pedal to play about with.

also i think i may have worded the op badly, i want a versatile pedal mainly, the clean tone thing was more in case any of those effects are particulary reliant on good tone, i've heard the whammy sounds really tinny on bad amps for example
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You can get a Vypyr or a VT for 200 easily

this would be a complete waste of all of ur pedals.

the digitech wammy is a really cool thing. ive messed with it a few times and wen u figure it out, u can get some pretty crazy stuff out of it. tom morello swears by his and we all know how much he can make his guitar not sound like a guitar.... most of it is cuz of that thing