I'll crit as i listen:

I felt like the riffs after the intro build up could have been louder. Your hi hat sounds a little thin.. I like this cool breakdown at :58! Now back to the main riff.. Good transition. Bass drum seems a little loud at 1:44. Cool break down! Same thing with the hit hat. Maybe a slightly opened hi hat would sound better here. Maybe bring the clean guitar up a little.. I think a guitar solo would sound nice at the end. Good job overall! I would love to hear some vocals with this

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Maybe make the guitars louder/drums quieter. Some of the riffs are a bit muffled. Panning the guitars more dramatically would help this too. Otherwise this is a cool song!

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Liking the build up at the start, the track doesn't quite transition heavy enough at 0:12 though I don't think. Could do with a heavier sounding kit or a bass drop or something, would bring the track in with a bang! How have you done your drums?

Fills at 1:37 on the drums are tasty ^.^ The break after is very nice too!
The clean guitar could probably do with being a bit brighter, might be worth double tracking it? Then again I'm listening on laptop speakers atm so take that with a grain of salt! haha

The key change near the end takes some getting used to but I'm not a huge fan of them anyway :p

Overall, the quality was great, you seem to know your stuff! I'll definitely given it a listen when I get home and have my headphones
Thanks a lot everyone!

The drums are made up of samples I've built up over some time, they're then programmed and automated in reason 4.0. In an ideal world, I'd have several takes of each sample with different velocities, they'd sound a lot better, but I don't have that luxury! haha Thanks a lot though, I'll definitely try out double tracking that clean guitar

You're one of many who dislike my cheesy eurovision key change, I'm going for an uplifting feel, but I'm thinking of dropping it! haha

Also, Chad120, now that you've mentioned it, I couldn't agree more, I'll seek out some better hi-hat samples!