hey UGers, i have a 1994 Fender Twin amp and use a DOD-250 pedal with a fender 70's strat reissue. The pedal's eq is at noon and when i use the pedal and the overdrive channel, i get a loud hum if the amp's master is set to five or higher. is this a pickup problem because they're single coils? your help would be appreciated!
will be mostly down to the pickups but the pedal and the overdrive channel itself will allways have a slight hum at high volumes, mostly the pickups tho
thanks bud. it actually makes that loud of a hum on all the channels, so i don't think it could be the amp. Im sure it's not the pedal, so it has to be the pickup then. would lowering them help at all?
i doubt it, single coils just hum like that all the time. best bet is to get some noise cancelling pickups or a mini humbucker. a noise supresser pedal would probably work just aswell
lowering them wouldnt help the best way is to either find a place where the hum is lower

get noiseless pups (either humbuckers or noiseless singlecoils which are basically humbuckers)

or shield your guitar better