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...is a new amp, you guessed it.

I desire an amp which:
- has decent cleans and good distortion
- is at least a little versatile
- footswitch between clean and distortion channels
- can handle live gigs
- 2x12 is preferred if combo
- has power
- has a good sound
- lasts
- is good to play rock/metal music with

I have looked at a couple:

IBANEZ TBX150H (head) 279 € + 4x12 cab 298 €
Link to a picture of Ibanez Tbx150h head

ROLAND CUBE-80XL 325 € (possibly with a cab if not loud enough)
Link to picture of Roland Cube 80XL

VOX VT120+ 489 € (2x12 combo, don't know if I'm able to connect it to a cab)
Link to picture of Vox VT120+ amp

Are any of these good?

I have one of these Jackson guitars (link)

Which amp would UG recommend me?
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we need a budget brah
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Quote by WTF!!is a TAB
we need a budget brah

I have about 300 euros, but I can save money if somebody suggests a more expensive alternative.